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Introducing...Let's Drive!

A monthly bulletin from Caritas Vehicle Services. Each edition will contain the following:

  • Entries from the blog series, Pocket Protectors, and other featured blogs from Caritas writers that provide tips for implementing effective fleet management practices.
    Learn from the "fleet management experts" certain best-practices such as how optimize your R.O.I., taking advantage of fleet incentives and more!
  • Driver Safety Tips, the featured blog series that discusses important safety procedures to be mindful of while driving.
    Stay informed on current developments in vehicle safety, techniques for getting safely from "point-A" to "point-B", and tips on how to implement a "culture of safety" at your organization.
  • Human interest stories about you--our clients!
    Caritas takes time in every issue of Let's Drive to tell the story of one of our esteemed clients and how they live in service to others.

Our content is original, created by Caritas Vehicle Services in order to aid our drivers and fleet directors in making the right decisions for their business, nonprofit or Religious Community! Your information will NOT BE USED FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSES. Thanks for your interest! FIll out the form to receive the monthly editions of Let's Drive!