Compare Your Current Approach to Managing Vehicles to the Best Practices Contained in this Guide!



While vehicles are necessary tools for working within your chosen ministry, their purchase and upkeep may not be the upmost concern in the driver's mind.  All drivers have the community's best interest at heart, but lack of expertise can end up costing thousands of dollars in unneeded or unnecessary repairs and downtime.  Caritas Vehicle Services developed this Best Practices Guide from 20 years of experience in working exclusively with Catholic Religious Communities.  These recommendations will help you to improve driver safety, reduce the overall cost of providing vehicles, and provide greater peace-of-mind!


You will learn how many Congregations have gained more control over their vehicle fleet and how they:

  • Receive manufacturer "Fleet Discounts" on every car purchased
  • Sell retired vehicles for the maximum market value
  • Reduce the cost of vehicle maintenance and repair
  • Streamline and simplify vehicle record keeping and tracking
  • Reduce the Community's carbon footprint

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